What does the sand dream about?

Sand is a rather ambiguous symbol, so if you dreamed about it and you want to understand what future it is for you, you need to remember the dream in detail.

A good sign is the dreamed pure sand .To see in a dream dirty sand says that you will prove to be a victim of deception, you will be led by an evil person.

Taking sand in hands promises a great material profit. The dream in which you poured sand, heralds an unexpected event in life. Pouring sand in a dream symbolizes your uncertainty, you are gnawed by some doubts.

If you were sitting in the sand on a sand or on it, then soon you will meet your old friend. Leeching on warm sand under the rays of the sun promises love and veneration. To see in a dream a sandy beach says that in real life you are too tired, rest yourselves, distract from everyday affairs.

The dreamed children's sandbox is a symbol of the fact that you miss your carefree childhood and dream of being there again. Quite often such a dream warns that you

are too worried about minor things, while you are missing something important. Perhaps, it is time to reconsider priorities and values.

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