What does your own death dream about?

Own death in a dream is a symbol of renewal, rid of bad thoughts, becoming a new path .Try to remember this dream in the smallest details, because then you will be able to explain it most correctly and you will be able to prepare for the changes in life in advance.

If you dreamed that you died , then it says that fate will give you a unique opportunity to reconsider your views on life, to become even happier and luckier. Try to justify the expectations of fate, it is unlikely she will give you a second chance. You should not panic if you have such an unpleasant dream, because it often promises a long life for the dreamer.

Being killed in a dream indicates that someone wants to take advantage of the results of your efforts for their own mercenary purposes. Look closely at your surroundings, maybe you will be able to calculate the ill-wisher. Great luck awaits the one who drowned in a dream. The dream in which you died from a heart attack promises great joy. To be afraid of lying p

eople follows one who was crushed in a dream.

If you were buried alive in a dream, then be careful, you are seriously in danger. But if in your dream you were able to rise again, then prepare to receive pleasant news, you are waiting for a big change.

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