What does a rainbow look like?

Rainbow is a symbol of happiness, renewal and well-being of .Dreams of this bright natural phenomenon exclusively for good, but depending on the details of the dream, it can portend different events.

In general, the dreamed rainbow promises an unprecedented happiness, success in business. For those who find themselves in a difficult situation to see a rainbow in a dream, they say that they can count on the support and help of relatives and friends. For lovers of a rainbow in a dream is a sure sign that their union will be long and happy. If the rainbow dreamed of farmers in a dream, then it promises a rich harvest.

If in a dream you were sitting on the rainbow , then in the near future you should expect to fulfill your most secret desire.

The rainbow, spreading over the green crowns of trees, promises success in all endeavors.

To see two rainbows at a time says that soon you will have to make a rather difficult and unpleasant choice.

To see a rainbow and be able to

recognize in it all seven colors says that you will soon have joyful changes in life. A red rainbow is a lucky sign. The black rainbow is an unkind sign, promising misfortune and minor troubles.

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