Why the polar bear dreams

The polar bear seen in a dream is a rather ambiguous symbol. To understand what promises such a dream, you should pay special attention to detail.

The appearance of a polar bear in a dream indicates that you have a secret admirer. Such a dream promises a happy marriage. White she-bear says that soon you will have a patron. If at the moment you are experiencing difficulties in real life, then close people will come to help in the near future, and all problems will be solved.

However, the dream in which you saw a polar bear has a negative connotation, because it is believed that to see this northern animal warns of deceit, you may be used to wish for reality, which is why you are disappointed.

If in a dream a polar bear attacked you , then beware of enemies, they do not snooze and wait for the right moment to attack. To show caution should also be to one who dreamed of a polar bear on an ice floe, such a dream warns that you can become a victim of scammers. If the northern animal

in your dream has eaten the seal, it means that you should give up your bad habits, they will not bring you anything good in any case.

The hide of the polar bear promises success in business, you will be able to defeat the enemies.

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