What does a black dog dream about?

A dog in a dream is a favorable sign. However, for the correct interpretation of such a dream, it is necessary to take into account the color of the animal.

Seeing a black dog in a dream says that your friends are in a difficult situation, but they will not want to burden you with their problems. Often such a dream tells that you are betrayed by a person whom you currently trust and whom you consider to be your best friend. Black puppy, who appeared in a dream, marks the acquaintance with a young man. A large black dog also foreshadows the appearance in your life of a new friend.

If in a dream a black dog protected you from intruders , then this is a sure sign that in the near future you are not threatened. To become a victim of the attack of this animal in your dream opposite informs that soon in your life there will come a band of failures. A dog's bite in a dream symbolizes financial difficulties.

A wounded black dog in a dream is a warning that one of your relatives is i

n serious danger, a disease. A fleeing black dog promises a dreamer a disease. If you put a black dog on a chain in a dream, then this is a clear harbinger of the appearance of enemies in your life.

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