What does the red roses look like?

Roses in a dream are a symbol of love, prosperity and pleasant changes.

If a young person dreamed that she had cut roses, then she was waiting for a marriage offer. To compose a bouquet of red dews promises success in love. About the desire to meet a decent man tells a dream, in which you saw wilted roses.

Dream in the spring, in which you received a bouquet of red roses , promises a happy life. A similar dream, seen in winter, promises in vain expectation and disappointment.

Execution of desires promises seen in a dream bush of scarlet roses .Quite often such a dream foreshadows the appearance in the family of a long-awaited baby. Still not blossoming bush of roses promises material well-being and profit reception. A dream in which you saw a dried rose bush is considered a bad omen, as it often warns that one of your relatives is threatened with a disease.

A girl in love should be afraid of deceit if she in her dream decorated her hair with a bud of scarlet roses.

Enjoying a dream of the fragrance of roses in reality means favors of fate, you will be happy in marriage and at work you will be successful. Pricked with a thorn rose foreshadows minor troubles.

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