What does the apples

Apples seen in a dream are a good sign. To the dreamer such a dream promises a long and happy life, success in business and success in love.

Ripe apples in a dream say that in your life there has come a favorable stage for solving all problems. All the goals set will be achieved, plans - implemented. The main thing - do not take hasty decisions and act thought out and measured, then the success will not take long to wait. Green, unripe apples are usually filmed as a warning sign about the impending health deterioration. Rotten, wormy apples in a dream promise disappointment in close people.

What you can expect in the future can tell you the color of apples .So if the fruit was red, then this indicates that in your relationship with your loved one a spark will reappear and a fire of love and passion will flash out of it. If you currently do not have a lover, then a similar dream promises that in the near future it will necessarily appear in you. Green apples warn that you should be

less assertive in achieving a goal, because otherwise you run the risk of being left with nothing. Yellow apples, by analogy with the yellow tulips sung in the song of Natasha Koroleva, are messengers of separation, you will encounter treachery.

If in a dream you saw apples growing on the tree of , then very soon you will find many friends. A similar dream also indicates a possible profit. However, to see in the dream the fruits growing on the very top of the apple tree, indicates that you risk becoming a victim of your ambitions and desires. Do not go too far for the sake of narcissism. If an apple tree was seen by a man in a dream, then such a dream is a warning, because of the excessive popularity of the opposite sex, he can think a lot about himself. Sitting under a tree says that you really dream that you are seduced by a young lady.

To tear apples from branches promises a joyful event in life, you are waited by pleasant news and a meeting with pleasant people. Such a dream often portends gifts. If in a dream you collect crumbling apples from the ground, then in real life you are a hostage of your fantasies, try to adequately assess your abilities so that in the future you will not be disappointed.

Get an apple in the form of a gift , however, as well as buying, says about the successful outcome of the case. If a woman is given an apple in a dream, then this should be interpreted as a fact of what you are trying to seduce in real life. A woman to see in her dream how she shares an apple with a representative of the opposite sex should be more determined in her intentions to seduce the man who attracts her, because his feelings are mutual.

There are apples in a dream means in real life you have to go through pleasant love tests. Cutting fruit in a dream says that you are awaiting separation from a friend in real life. It is often dreamed of to clean apples as a sign of future disappointment. Sharing an apple on a lobster portends that in the near future you will pay for the deed.

To see a apple lying on a saucer or a plate means very soon you will become a participant of interesting events. To roll on a plate this tasty fruit is dreamed to someone who soon will learn someone's big secret. To see an apple rolling along the road, says that you need to prepare for the meeting of the guests.

Eating a pie with apple filling promises a happy sweet life. Baked apples promise a fast marriage. And only to cook in your dream jam from apples is a bad sign - in reality you will become a participant in a sad event.

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