What does the bear cub dream about?

To see a bear cub in a dream warns that fate has prepared for you serious tests, so try to be more careful and not to make quick decisions.

A bear cub in a dream can tell that someone is plotting against you. Take a closer look at your surroundings, it is possible that the ill-wishers will give themselves out.

Playing in a dream with a bear says that you should be more careful in your words and deeds, otherwise you are not immune to the sad consequences.

See how the bear ran out for the bear, promises serious tests, you are threatened with great losses. Running away from a bear cub in a dream can say that you often shift all responsibility for what was done to others, try to reconsider your views on life, because soon your deception will be revealed.

Kill a bear promises a small success, but it will not bring the expected pleasure, because it will be fraudulently reached, and the size of the success will be disproportionately small to the efforts that you will spend t

o achieve the result.

Dreaming frolicking cubs in the meadow warn that you should be more attentive and concentrated, otherwise absentmindedness will play a cruel joke with you.

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