Why dream about washing floors

That's how you expect that a night sleep will bring a long-awaited vacation, but no, the subconscious decides that you have not bothered enough, and presents a dream in which there is no hint of peace. Unpleasant, is not it? Especially when it's not an exhausting but fascinating excursion, a walk, a trip, but an ordinary routine, boring, tedious homework. What can you dream about, for example, washing floors? What do you want to know about the good or the bad?

Sex in a dream is a symbol of the foundation of your life , so the treatment of sleep in which you wash the floor often has a global meaning that affects not material, but moral and psychological aspects.

In a dream to wash the floor means , that you are striving for order in life, that at the moment some things do not suit you. Such a dream pays attention to your way of life, attitude to work and loved ones. To achieve success, you need to change something, come to some denominator and behave more measuredly, systematically.

If the initiative of wet cleaning was your , then, probably, you will soon have a career jump up. The authorities will appreciate your zeal, pay attention to the talents, remember the old merits.

That is, washing the floors symbolizes any change in life. But whether it will be good or bad depends on the color of the water in the dream. Clean water when washing the sex dreams of a change for the better, and if you washed the floor with black water, then you are facing adversity.

You can only try to figure out the meaning of sleep about washing the floors if you were cleaning up your house. However, if you dreamed that you were washing floors in someone else's house, unfamiliar to you, then the point is different - third parties can seriously influence you, your opinion will change under pressure. What will bring it also depends on the color of the water.

If you were asked to wash the floors of in a dream, then in real life you are a responsible person and a reliable friend that you can rely on. If you wash the floor for someone, clearly knowing that you should not do it, then a similar situation will happen, you will have to give in and yet not feel the best way.

Someone washes the floor in your house - to encroach on your property or role in society. Look carefully, next to you there is an envious person or a serious competitor who really wants to take your place.

Washing floors can herald an imminent death, provided that someone from a close environment is seriously ill.

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