What does a dead dog dream about?

A dream in which you saw a dog is beneficial, but only not if the dreamed animal was dead or was mortally wounded.

Seeing a dead dog in a dream reports that your friend is in mortal danger. Perhaps at the moment he is experiencing some difficulties at work or in his personal life and badly needs your help.

A dream in which a dead animal appeared before you can report that a quarrel with a close friend is waiting for you. In this case, if the animal had a light color, then the cause of the conflict will become you, the black dog says that your friend will be guilty of the quarrel.

Often a dead dog in a dream is a harbinger of bad news. Perhaps you will find out about the deadly disease or the death of your good friend.

A dying dog in a dream may indicate that you have completely forgotten about your friends. Revise your views on life, your values, pay more attention to your loved ones. Often an animal in a dream says that you are too tired and you need rest. Therefore, agai

n, it is not superfluous to remember about friends and spend a pleasant evening at their company.

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