What does the cow dream about?

Remember, as in the famous cartoon old man sold the cow: "I will not give my bump to anyone - such a beast is necessary for myself!"?Do not you have a cow? Do not worry, maybe you dreamed about it? Dreams with a cow often make good sense, remember more details and details of sleep and learn its interpretation.

If the cow came to you in a dream - calm, clean, beautiful, then everything will be just fine for you. Such a cow as a picture is a symbol of well-being, luck, fulfilling desires. Wait, soon something very good will happen in your life!

For a lonely or young girl, a cow dreams of a change in personal life. Or you will have a pleasant new acquaintance, and the man will have serious intentions, or you will change for the better, become more attractive, sexy.

To milk a cow is also an excellent sign. The one who in a dream milked a cow, all dreams and most cherished desires will soon come true. Rejoice, you had a wonderful dream!

But see a cow on a tethered - not good. Such a dream means loss of freedom, bad deeds on the part of your enemies. Be extremely careful and careful not to get into trouble. Similarly, the actions of detractors in a dream are characterized by a cow running after you. If she manages to catch up with you, then their intrigues will succeed and you will be harmed.

For a pregnant woman to see a cow in a dream - to complex and lengthy childbirth.

To dream a whole herd of cows is a bad sign. It predicts betrayal, deceit or aggression of people close to you. To drive a herd of cows in a dream means a difficult situation, a looming danger. You should behave more cautiously and circumspectly. But if this herd of cows is yours, you are its owner or shepherd, then the meaning of sleep is most that neither is positive. The owner of a whole herd of cows, let him come in a dream, expects wealth and prosperity.

A peacefully grazing and grass-mowing cow, , says that someone is pinning certain hopes on you, and you, in turn, ignore this person and do not notice his attitude towards you.

If you dreamed not a cow, and bull - evil and mighty, then in reality you will have a quarrel or a quarrel with an imperious, aggressive woman. If you suspect who this may be from your environment, then behave quietly and imperceptibly, do not tease the bull with a red rag, otherwise you will not be happy, if you quarrel, you will lose.

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