Why the white dove dreams

Pigeon is a symbol of well-being and peace. That is why this bird, seen in a dream, promises only favorable events, luck and success.

In particular, a good sign is to see a white dove in a dream. It is believed that such a dream brings with it joy, health, love. Often the dream birds promise fulfillment of desires and justification of all hopes. For young girls, such a dream is a clear harbinger of a happy marriage .Many white pigeons in a dream and their provocative cooing promise peace and harmony in the family, the birth of children.

Flying white pigeons in a dream report that in the near future you will receive a pleasant message from afar.

Seeing a restless white dove in a dream says that you need to pay attention to your health, because the aggravation of chronic diseases is not ruled out.

Hold a white dove in the hands of an unmarried girl promises a speedy marriage. To see the dove flying through the window, says that you should prepare for the visit of pleasant g

uests. Often a white pigeon that flies into a house or apartment foreshadows a change, and if the bird behaves calmly, the changes will be joyful, but if the dove rushes restlessly around the room, then wait for trouble.

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