What is the dream of broken nails?

The dream in which you saw the nails can have a fairly large number of interpretations, depending on the appearance of the marigolds. In order to correctly explain such a dream, it is necessary to remember it in details.

If in a dream you saw broken nails , then be ready for serious tests and failures. Often such a dream warns that a serious illness threatens you. Such a dream can also inform you that you completely underestimate the seriousness of the situation - a conflict that now seems to you insignificant, can have rather negative consequences in the future.

To see in a dream how a nail broke, says that life has prepared for you a unique opportunity - you have the right to make your own decisions. You are the creator of your destiny. Only you are responsible for what is happening now with you.

Dream long, broken nails indicate that a long series of trials awaits you. Broken, that is called under the root, nails say that you with dignity managed to overcome all the tests as

signed to you. Sharp long, broken nails portend a quarrel with a loved one. Broken short nails indicate that your hopes will not be justified.

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