What does the fight look like?

Intricacy of dreams can sometimes drive you crazy! Who will be happy from the fact that he dreamed a fight? Yeah, an unpleasant event. But at the same time, it is not worth running and urgently recording on the box to give opponents a rebuff. The fight in a dream has a very ambiguous meaning, and such dreams have many interpretations. Everything depends on the context, so the details of the dream will not be superfluous.

For many sonnics, a fight in a dream means large-scale troubles of .As far as the fight was strong and long, so you will have to attend to the decision of a series of cases.

The victory in the duel is definitely a positive sign. The dream in which you win in a fight, says that soon you will have something good, you will not have to complain about life.

If you saw the fight in a dream on the part of , but did not take part in it, wait for the guests, long-awaited or uninvited - they will soon be. But do not connect the number of people who took part in the bra

wl with the number of guests - this has nothing in common. A violent fight with blood indicates that the guests will not be friends or acquaintances, but relatives.

To see in a dream of fighting friends or just acquaintances of people - to a fast meeting with them. And fighting relatives for some reason portend the fulfillment of your desires. In any case, a dream is good for you, whatever one may say.

An organized fight, that is, a fight in the ring , is no longer so good-natured. This dream portends to you trouble and to eliminate them you will have to compete well.

If in a dream someone ran up to you, especially from the back, and hit , it means that behind your back a violent activity of ill-wishers developed. Be careful, blows can pour on your head no longer in a dream, but in reality. However, if you did not stay away in the dream, and gave the change, turned their rebuff offenders to flight, then you will be able to frustrate the plans of enemies and not give yourself offense.

As in real life, and in a dream, fighting women - not good. Such a fight in a dream portends a disease, a bad state of health.

Sometimes in a dream we see a big quarrel between , which is about to go into the fray, the participants make their first attempts to strike opponents and are already putting their fists in the air, but everything stops abruptly and as such there is no fight. Such a variant of sleep foreshadows sudden help from the side in a difficult matter. Someone will help you overcome difficulties, show unexpected participation in your life and this will bring a good result for you.

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