What is the dream of a mole

Mole in a dream is an unkind sign. Seeing such a dream is not superfluous to remember all its details, because only they will provide an opportunity to find out what awaits you in the future.

Dreaming moth portends troubles, family quarrels and trouble .To see in a dream a large number of flying moles promises losses, a bad harvest, family troubles, jealousy. Often a flying moth is a warning about the danger threatening you, be vigilant and, perhaps, you will manage to avoid the sad consequences. If you have divorced a lot of moths, then this is a symbol of that you have secret enemies, and if you do not determine in the near future what kind of person wishes you harm, serious troubles await you.

If in a dream you tried to catch or kill a mole of , this indicates that you have overcome a difficult stage in life, the cause of quarrels and conflicts is found and eliminated, so enjoy life, you have a favorable future.

If a mole in a dream has spoiled a large number of your clothe

s , then you should expect an uninvited and very hungry guest. Moth in a dress or on a carpet, seen in a dream, reports that soon you will have a freeloader.

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