What does a dead fish dream about?

What promises a dreamed fish, for sure, is known to everyone. But what should be expected for those who dreamed of a dead fish, will tell the details of the dream, so it is not superfluous to remember them.

Dead fish in a dream portends serious loss, sadness, loss. Perhaps in the near future you will have to demonstrate your self-control, self-control and stress resistance.

To see the dead fish in the river says that in the near future you will be very disappointed in the person you are now pinning high hopes on and rely on in everything. Often such a dream promises and unpleasant events that you are extremely upset.

Frozen fish in a dream warns that someone in your environment is currently dissolving rumors about you. This information discrediting your honor, dignity and reputation can serve as an excuse for severing relations with someone who is very important to you. Quite often the rotten fish in a dream indicates hostility, and at times even disgust, which you experien

ce in relation to the opposite sex.

A rotten, decaying fish seen in a dream often portends an unexpected profit, perhaps you will get a rich inheritance or win a lot in the lottery.

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