What does cherry dream about?

One of the most auspicious symbol in a dream is cherry. This berry promises the dreamer success, prosperity and well-being.

If in a dream you collected a sweet cherry , then you will have a secure future, in the near future you will become a rich heir, win a large sum in the lottery or get an expensive gift. Often under wealth mean a happy family life, so the dream in which you saw the cherry can portend and early marriage. Watching someone tear the cherry from a tree also promises an inheritance.

There is a sweet sweet sweet cherry in the dream promises to receive joyful news, a pleasant company and interesting conversations. If in a dream the berry turned out to be sour, then you have to go through the offense, perhaps a person you trust will betray you and thereby greatly disappoint you. Seeing the dried cherries, as well as eating it, promises sadness. Often such a dream warns about the impending break with a loved one, the loss of a friend.

Planting a cherry tree in a dr

eam says that soon you will learn something that will shake you to the core and remain in your memory for a long time. To see the blossoming cherry tree warns of the upcoming happy changes and joyful events. A bad sign, which promises material difficulties, is a dream in which you brewed a compote or cherry jam. Such a dream promises money losses, anxiety.

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