What does the web

In a dream, a web is an omen of pleasant events, but such a dream can also bear negative changes. In order to correctly interpret the vision, remember it in detail.

Dreamed web promises a happy life, success in business. Often such a dream speaks of your excessive laziness, apathy. A colored web promises illnesses. If in a dream you yourself have weaved a web, then this is a clear sign that someone is weaving intrigues against you, be extremely careful in dealing with people, and you should not trust unfamiliar personalities, because this can negatively affect your reputation.

Confusing the web reports that you are under the care of your family and friends. About a related duty like a dream, in which you barely got out of the web. You will be able to overcome all the obstacles on the way and difficulties, if in a dream you tore the web. Anxiety is foretold by a dream in which you have swept the web. Brushing away the cobweb in a dream means waking you all the accusations.

The room in the web of symbolizes your impure soul, the wrong way of life. To see in a dream a forest or a courtyard, covered with cobwebs, speaks of your longing for the past.

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