What does the salty fish dream about?

If you saw a fish in a dream, then this is a good sign, promising a big profit in real life. Many believe that the dreamed fish is a harbinger of a speedy pregnancy. Salted fish in a dream warns that the profit will turn out to be unexpected, perhaps you will receive an inheritance or a premium, and, perhaps, win the lottery or find a solid amount.

Quite often the dream in which you ate salted fish promises a trip. For sick people, such a dream portends a trip in which they will be able to find a means of getting rid of the disease.

Salted fish, dreamed of the elderly, can become a harbinger of the fact that soon they will have an event in their life that will make them feel nostalgic for the old days, remember all the beautiful things that were in their youth and that, unfortunately, no longerreturn.

Dried salted fish promises a noisy fun company and a pleasant pastime.

Study abroad promises a dream in which you fried salted fish. Fish cooking promises a successful solutio

n to all the current problems, but do not forget to thank those who help you overcome the difficulties, since without their support, much can become impossible.

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