Why dream of a brownie

Everyone has an opinion about the house. Someone believes that they simply do not exist, others are sure that they live next door to us and it is in no way impossible to anger them. Regardless of what opinion you hold, sometimes in a dream this guest from the other world is still.

Brownie, seen in a dream, is a sure sign that in the near future you are waiting for the changes .What they turn out to be, kind and unpleasant, will tell the details of sleep.

Well-being in the family, peace and comfort promises a dream, in which a cheerful house-man figured. Minor troubles and quarrels with close and native people are waiting for someone who saw an angry brownie in his sleep. Dreamed drunk house promise of separation. To be afraid of a householder in a dream is that you are doing wrong.

Seeing how the house leaves your house , is a harbinger of trouble. To drive the householder out of the house promises disagreements in the family.

Happy changes are waiting for the who in a dream saw a house-burning furnace .If the house scraped ash out of the stove, then wait for the profit. Lack of money and need are waiting for the one who saw the householder in a dream sweeping the floor. To see a brownie talking to a cat, promises amazing events, joy. If you have a house hooligan in a dream, then in real life try to avoid crowded places, as you can be involved in unrest.

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