What does the dragon dream about?

The dragon is a mythical creature that is a symbol of power, power and celebration. Therefore, the dream in which he appeared to you is considered auspicious, promising achievement of goals, prosperity and well-being.

Often a dream in which a dragon came to you, warns that you are too dependent on your passions and often allow bad statements about your detractors .Such a dream states that you should control yourself, otherwise you will not be able to avoid conflicts in relationships with other people.

To see in a dream a dragon guarding anything , says that you will have a long life, without illnesses. The dragon in the cave, seen in a dream, reports that your goal is already close and if you show a little patience and make the necessary efforts, its achievement will not take long. Realization of the dream is promised and a dream in which you saw a dragon sleeping in the water. The dragon on the mountain warns that important events await you. A flying dragon promises to receive amazi

ng news. Dreaming the dying dragon prophesies promotion. To see a snake turning into a dragon promises the support of an influential person.

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