Why is dreaming a trifle, money

Many in a dream see money, and almost every person knows that this is for trouble and maybe quarrels.

It can not be said that small money is withdrawn to good or bad, the interpretation depends on many features. For example, if the coins are pure , then sleep means some pleasant moments in the future, a possible profit.

Dirty coins falling into your hands, promise poverty and disease.

If you get a salary in a dream, start thinking about changing the place of work, your boss does not appreciate you.

If you scatter their , then this is for trouble, but insignificant.

If you see already scattered trifle, it means that rumors and gossip around you, you can spin intrigues and make intrigues. Be extremely careful in words and actions.

Counting money in a dream is for wealth, provided that the coins are gold.

Find them, in principle it's good, but to collect them is already dangerous, as this is a potential trouble.

When you give money in a dream , it is possible to get profit, and there can be a quarrel with a close person.

If they give you beautiful gold coins, then this can be for prosperity, and maybe for trouble if they are dirty.

The interpretation of dreams with coins is very diverse and variations can be very much. If you wake up with a sense of anxiety or in a bad mood, sleep is not good. And accordingly vice versa.

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