Why the tsunami

Tsunami or any other natural disaster seen by you in a dream is a disturbing sign. If you are in the center of destruction and have suffered from the elements, in reality your life can completely change. Such dreams foreshadow major changes in public or private life, the end of habitual existence and the beginning of something new and unknown.

If a tsunami in a dream captures a large area of ​​the , for example, covers the entire city, and you observe what is happening from a height or other safe place, the coming changes will not affect you personally, but can indirectly change your life. Extremely unfavorable is the dream in which the tsunami destroys your house , you are drowning or buried under the wreckage, and also see the wounded or dead as a result of people's destruction, after such a dream it is worth preparing for hard tests and big troubles. This can be a personal event that affects only your family or the violations of the usual way of life, caused by social changes. In any

case, such a dream portends emotional experiences and negative emotions.

Tsunami at sea , seen from the shore, also promises problems, but they will be short-lived and soon resolved without your participation, you just need to be patient and survive this time.

Tsunami - the flood of , which took place in your city or home, can be a warning about the maturing family problems or the appearance of rivals in love. To women such a dream promises a loss of peace because of jealousy or family troubles, and men warns about the need to take care of the safety of their family.

If in a dream you admire the kind of tsunami and it only gives you positive emotions, then your current situation has ceased to suit you and you have outgrown yourself, after such a dream it is worth thinking about your life, rethinking your actions and, possibly, startinglife with a clean slate".

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