What does the deceased dream about and talk with him?

Many believe in the existence of the afterlife, but if its residents come to visit in a dream, most dreamers experience some discomfort in the morning. What the deceased dreams about, you will find out if you read this text to the end.

It is believed that the appearance of a deceased in a dream is a warning about the danger that lies ahead of you. Therefore, be careful, thoughtless actions and phrases can hurt you very much. It is considered a bad sign not just to see a deceased in a dream, but to talk with him. Such a dream promises misfortune. Often such a vision presages that you have to make a serious decision on which your future will depend. To kiss a deceased person in a dream says that you feel guilty towards him, perhaps, remorse on his grave will save you from mental torment.

If the deceased came in a dream in your house as a guest, then this is a sign of your longing for the deceased. Do not forget, according to one of the versions, dreams are only the work of our subconsci

ous mind, this dream does not carry the semantic load. In any case, if in a dream you saw someone from the world of the dead, be sure to remember it, perhaps in the next world it is uncomfortable because they forgot about it.

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