What does the hairbrush look like?

The comb is a familiar subject of personal care. However, it is worthwhile to see it in a dream, so at once the question arises: "What does the hairbrush dream about? What does this dream promise? Why be ready? "Have enough patience, read this post to the end, and you will receive answers.

A desiccated comb is considered an evil sign. In most cases, it promises quarrels and scandals .However, depending on the details of the dream, you can interpret it in different ways. So, to see a wooden scallop in a dream promises a successful completion of current affairs.

Buy a sleep comb heralds a change in life. A broken comb says that you are waiting for some fateful event, try to prepare for it. A comb without teeth indicates your lack of confidence and doubt in your own strength.

A young girl who was combing her hair in a dream is waiting for a happy marriage. For a married woman such a dream can be a harbinger of beatings by a husband. Often, such a dream promises loss and disappointm

ent. To see in a dream that after combing on the comb remained the hair of , portends failures and troubles. To remove hair from the teeth indicates that an accident will occur due to the dreamer's dream, which will not only change his life for the worse, but also will negatively affect his environment.

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