How to dye your hair at home yourself

How to dye hair We do not always have the time and opportunity to visit beauty salons and hairdressing salons to create a new image. Sometimes it's easier and easier to do everything at home, without notes and queues, but you need to know how to dye your hair and what materials to use.

How to color the hair

  • for short hair is enough for one tube;
  • if you need to paint thick hair up to the shoulders - get two;
  • for long ones - depending on the length, but also at least two tubes.

We paint hair with henna and basma

How to apply paint on hair The basma of Iranian natural irida m classic has proved itself well. This company is known for the fact that all of their products are made from environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic materials. This shade of shampoo allows for a time without the use of paint to dye your hair in a chestnut color, or lighten them a few tones.   

Make coloring yourself

  1. Correctly selected paint, special brush, food foil and timer. We make the mixture according to the instructions and b
    egin to dye the hair from the forehead to the back of the head, separating the strands with foil and carefully working the root. After painting one curl, rewind it well in foil and fix it.
  2. If you need a contrasting result, you first need to repaint your hair from black to white, and then color it.
  3. After the paint has absorbed, rinse the head lightly with warm water, and continue to dye dry hair warm, using a second tone.
How to make coloring yourself

We paint the hair of red color

The time when it's better to paint

Girl with red hair All women are subject to the influence of the Moon, it's not for nothing that the dark time of the day is a woman's time. For any procedures related to the desire to dye or cut hair, you need to choose special dates. In which days you can dye your hair:
  1. It is advisable to do any kind of barbering( make curls, haircuts, dyeing, straightening), spend on the growing moon, it's safer for the hairstyle;
  2. If you want to cut and color ringlets, then it's best to do it on Friday and Tuesday, according to legend, you will become a little richer;
  3. Painting and cutting hair on the fifth day of the lunar calendar, this helps to accelerate hair growth.
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