How to get rid of tartar: methods and prevention

Girl with beautiful teeth A Hollywood smile is everyone's dream. But often improper dental care, poor nutrition, bad habits and other factors affect their general condition: there is calcification of the teeth or the appearance of tartar, the color changes, the enamel begins to decay, caries appear. And in this regard, many are wondering how to get rid of tartar.

Plaque: causes and effects

  • Improper brushing of teeth.
  • Smoking.
  • Eating lots of soft and sweet food.
  • Violation of the hydrochloric metabolism, after which the bacteria multiply particularly quickly.
  • Low-quality brush for cleaning teeth.
A tartar before and after

Cleaning of tartar at home

Cleaning of teeth with soda

Eggplant ash

Toothstone Traditional healers widely use this method. It will take one whole eggplant, it must be burned to form ash, after which it is necessary to rub the teeth with this dust. In order for the result to be noticeable and durable, this procedure must be repeated every day. Getting rid of tartar in this way will take a short ti
me, the first changes you will notice in the near future.

Citrus whitening teeth

Cleaner - natural cleaner

Burdock root and haricot with coating

Solid vegetables

Proper cleaning

Teeth without calculus How many dentists - so many opinions on how to properly brush your teeth. When working with stiff bristles the plaque will gradually break down in any case, therefore it is necessary to massage teeth with a brush regularly. Sometimes you can add a little soda, but not more than three times a week, otherwise the enamel will thin out. After eating, use dental floss, sugar-free chewing gum or rinse your teeth with water with lemon juice.

Pregnancy and plaque

  1. Ultrasonic method.
  2. Aerosol spray.
  3. Laser removal.
  4. Also, with a minimal amount of deposits, grinding of the tooth surfaces is suggested.

Proper oral care against tooth stones

  1. Eat right : sour-milk products, fresh vegetables and herbs help clean the enamel.
  2. Use high-quality toothpaste or powder.
  3. Buy a brush from natural fibers , change it every month. Many prefer electrical models.
  4. Get rid of the bad habits of : smoking, drinking lots of coffee, black tea and sweets.
  5. Each half year visit the dental office , which will provide first aid in detecting neoplasms on teeth in the form of stones. Visits to the dentists can not be shelved.
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