How to strengthen your teeth if they stagger

Healthy teeth of a girl Health begins with teeth. This truth is taught to us from an early age, and we remember this to a very old age. Renew health, improve self-esteem and appearance, gain self-confidence - all this can be obtained if you know how to strengthen your teeth, freshen your breath and get rid of tartar.

Work of minerals

  1. Chesnoke. This vegetable is very rich in vitamins and microelements. Eat every day at least one slice.
  2. Citrus. Vitamin C not only strengthens the immune system, but also cures the swinging teeth.
  3. Vitamin A. This useful substance from the inside eliminates roughness of the enamel, strengthens it and helps to resist external irritating factors.
a picture of a painful tooth You need to brush your teeth with salt. So we will strengthen them, and we can stop caries. But only you should take salt not ordinary, but preferably sea, and thoroughly crush it in a mortar. Once a day, quite enough, especially since with a sensitive denture or with periodontal disease it can still do much harm.   

How to strengthen children's teeth

Apple with teeth A small child to brush his teeth with different abrasives( salt, calcium powder or soda) is very dangerous. They just formed enamel, and to strengthen them, so it will not work, but to destroy the teeth - it's easy. Here you need to act more delicately. Every day before going to bed rub your gums and teeth with the skin of "blue"( eggplant).   

Strengthening the teeth with folk remedies

Carrot juice for strengthening teeth Hop tincture will easily help to strengthen the loose teeth of .You need to brew one spoonful of hop flowers on a glass of water, insist half an hour and mix with a spoonful of warm flower honey. Twice a day rinse your mouth for three months, one month break, after which the treatment is continued as needed. Hops with honey help and if the seals begin to stagger, in this case, you need to add a spoonful of buckwheat honey to the glass of the solution.   
  1. To use dietary supplements or vitamins that strengthen teeth and hair;
  2. Eat a lot of fresh food, after each meal, eat one green apple;
  3. Rinse the mouth with chamomile or saline twice daily.
  • wipe the teeth of an ashen tree( any one is suitable, but it is best to use coniferous);
  • lactation is a temporary period, so you can simply make a splint with fiberglass that will restrict the space between the teeth and eliminate their mobility;
  • with selenium can strengthen teeth, enamel and cure the gum. This substance is found in raw meat, garlic. But selenium is useful not only for teeth, it makes the hair softer and strengthens the nails;
  • has many fish and derivatives: caviar, fish products;
  • to drink green tea with honey, and in general, it is desirable to have all the sugar in the drinks for clean or replace with floral honey.
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