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How does soda

  1. completely eliminate the unpleasant odor by destroying bacteria and harmful microorganisms;
  2. Ideal tooth cleaning even in hard-to-reach places thanks to the abrasive structure of the product;
  3. Complete safety in terms of allergic reactions;
  4. Long-lasting effect of clarification of enamel;
  5. Strengthening of teeth.
Whitening teeth with soda It should be understood that when whitening teeth, if the mixture contains an additive of hydrogen peroxide or vinegar, then it can harm your health. There are certain contraindications to using this technique:
  1. Gum bleeding, periodontal disease;
  2. Hypersensitivity of teeth;
  3. Presence of inflammation in the oral cavity, ulcers, stomatitis;
  4. Soda destroys absolutely all bacteria indiscriminately. This is very bad, because we have thousands of different useful microorganisms in our mouths;
  5. Due to the use of powder, taste perception may be impaired;
  6. Fine enamel. Abrasive particles erase the top layer, so people with a thin surface of teeth is better not to experiment.

Teeth Whitening Recipes
  1. Soda and hydrogen peroxide for teeth whitening is just a classic paste for clarifying enamel. In equal proportions, mix peroxide and baking soda powder, then apply a small amount of the mixture to your toothbrush. Clean also, as always, but try not to touch the gum - they can become supersensitive. Repeat once a day;
  2. Often the teeth whitening of by peroxide, lemon and soda is carried out on its own, this food composition will help you not only to brighten the enamel, but also to strengthen the teeth. We connect a spoonful of soda, half a spoonful of peroxide and as much lemon juice( freshly squeezed).Be sure to squeeze the juice yourself, because of the composition of the product purchased, unpredictable chemical reactions may occur. Get a foamy mass, which you need to smear on the brush. It is very convenient that this recipe can be used and at all with the help of fingers - just rub your teeth with tips in visible places, so you will refresh your breath and remove the plaque;

    Soda and lemon Фото - Soda and lemon

  3. Whitening teeth with soda and peroxide can negatively affect the periodontitis, here comes to the rescue strawberry .Rinse fresh berries thoroughly and mash to make a fruit puree without lumps. Now add a little soda to this mass before forming a pasty consistency with an abrasive structure, this composition brush your teeth once a day. Remember that the mixture is strictly forbidden to use for allergies;
  4. Excellent reviews about teeth whitening with soda and iodine .This completely mineral mixture will help reduce the amount and size of tartar, cure bacterial diseases of the mouth and make breathing fresh. To a teaspoon of soda, add a few drops of iodine and mix with a wooden or plastic stick( you can use a toothpick or match).Gently applied to the surface of the teeth, you can even leave for a couple of minutes for better effect;
  5. The mixture with iodine and baking soda has its drawbacks - for example, its use can be dangerous for allergic people or suffering from endocrine diseases. As an analog, you can use soda and vinegar .Mix the ingredients until a viscous mass is formed, like a gruel, put on the brush and massage movements up and down wipe the tooth enamel;

    Vinegar, peroxide and soda Photo - Vinegar, peroxide and soda

  6. Cheaply and angrily mix soda with toothpaste for teeth whitening. This method is suitable for ever-rushing girls, who simply do not have time to search and connect components. You need to make a paste-like mass and clean it with teeth once a day. The result after a week's process is no worse than teeth whitening without soda from Airflow;
  7. For a quick transformation, you can combine soda with lemon juice and salt. It is a vitamin cocktail for enamel, which will perfectly strengthen it and clean it from yellow plaque even after smoking. Mix a spoonful of soda, half a spoonful of juice and the same amount of sea salt, we put on the brush and gently, not pressing on the teeth, we clean the mouth;
  8. Women's forums claim that the effect of soda will be even using a pure mineral component. But you need to remember about the fact that it can be harmful to your health. On a wet brush, pour mineral powder and rub our teeth, repeat once a day.

Cautions from Doctors

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