How the papillomavirus is removed by laser


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Why remove birthmarks and warts

Types of

Removal of papillomas methods Doctors insist on the treatment of excrescences using only professional techniques:
  1. Nitrogen;
  2. Laser;
  3. Operative intervention.
Laser work Photos - Laser work    

How laser therapy is performed by

Process after removal Photo - Process after removal   
  1. At the site of birthmark removal, depending on its size, a scar may appear. This is due to the fact that the processes of tissue regeneration are slowed down;
  2. Care is required and this is a very important part of the session. If you wrongly take care of the site of removal of the build-up, then in a short time there may begin inflammation or even suppuration;
  3. For some time, wetting wounds on the face are possible, which can not be covered with a tonal cream.
  1. Dizziness, sudden pressure changes;
  2. Drowsiness, fatigue, lack of appetite;
  3. Peeling skin together removing the formation.
The process of healing of papilloma Photo - The process of healing of the papilloma   
  1. Do not use the method during pregnancy, because because of the high hormonal background, a keloid scar may occur at the site of exposure;
  2. It is strictly forbidden to conduct oncology;
  3. It is not recommended to do laser cleaning and removal of papillomas to girls under 18 and women after 45.

Price overview

City Price, y.e.
SPb 9 Kaliningrad 8
Minsk 8.5 Krasnoyarsk 8
Chelyabinsk 8 Lyubertsy 8
Moscow 9 Odessa 8.5
Kirov 8 Perm 8
Ekaterinburg 8 Pskov 8
Almaty 8.5 Rostov-on-Don 8
Belgorod 8 Samara 8
Yaroslavl 8 Saratov 8.5
Voronezh 8.5 Simferopol 8.5
Zelenograd 8 Sterlitamak 8
Kazan 8 Tula 8.5
Kharkov 8.5 Tyumen 8