Love story from Jeanne in Dubai

Jeanne The previous part of the story is here.   

Introduction to Sheikh

Desert and camels The invitation was accepted. On camels, she did not really like to ride, not for a Russian woman to travel through the dust. But the place of rest was pleasant. It turned out to be a beautiful tent, cleaned if not with gold, then very similar threads on the fabrics. Inside was a huge carpet with goodies and drinks. Many pillows, and fabrics.   


Palace in Dubai It really was a palace! Long in two floors. Upon arrival, a girl ran up to her and took her hands, led to the chambers. The room was beautiful and spacious, a lot of red and gilded flowers prevailed. When She looked at the room, there was a knock, and Zaid entered the bedroom. He approached her, looked at her and said that in an hour she would come to her. He ordered that they bring her new clothes. And left.   The Suffering Girl And so it happened, having talked several servants, they helped to escape to Jeanne, telling where she had to go so that the survey could not see her.
She "flew" from those places as scalded.     
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