Why do people betray each other

Why do they wipe my feet on me? You have been friends since childhood or since visiting a school or university. At that time there is no betrayal, since there are no problems. Always together, everywhere they went with each other, shared the most secret secrets, helped when it was very necessary. Is this not a true friendship? It is difficult to answer. And it is difficult because on a beautiful day you are betrayed. It does not have to be one person, it can be friends. There are a lot of articles on the Internet - "cry of the soul: Friends betrayed me, why do they wipe my feet on me?" So many betrayals around.

One of the stories. Yana

I betrayed a friend But we should be in public together, as she makes me a fool, doing always wrong in disputes that do not even participate. And she is too lazy to sit with me for one desk.    

Pain on the soul

About me wiping feet Sometimes I look them in the eyes, it seems to me that I even see a feeling of guilt on their face, honestly, I saw it, apparently they understand what is not fair to me, but unfortunately on th
is theystop. At least someone would apologize. .. You feel like a rag - wiped your feet - please ask!   

My opinion

why the best friends betray Why the best friends betray   Friends betray me It seems to me that seeing your attitude towards children, as you already wrote above, you should have a wonderful family, because you will do your best to this. And your future husband can be you and a friend and vest, just like you dreamed! And family happiness will block all the hardships you have endured.