How to part with a guy

How to part with a guy Girls try to convince themselves that they still have feelings, with the help of memories of the best moments, but this does not help. Love is cold, you want something new, but seeing the guy in love look, you are ashamed. And you pull, postpone your thoughts and talk about parting in a distant box. But you can not force yourself to love, these efforts, on the contrary, turn you away from your half, "do not stick a broken cup" and do not self-torture;if you are unhappy in a relationship, then the guy will feel it, and nothing good will come of it. You need to take action, but first listen to advice on how to properly part with a guy without hurting him or offending him.

10 tips on how to part with a nice guy

  1. Do not drag the time .Do not wait for the right time, as you think. It can last forever. Let it be a day off, as people work or study on weekdays, they are tired and depressed, although it is not important. Do not talk in the hardest or most cheerful moments, this will only kill him.
    Better it will be one serious conversation than a long hint, understatement.
  2. Confess to face-to-face meeting .Do not do it through SMS, Skype, mail, phone or another miracle of technology. What would you like if the guy threw you on the phone? It's humiliating, right? If at least a little respect is left, then give him proper attention, do not play him with feelings.
  3. At the time of parting, blame yourself, but not his .Do not say that the problem is in him, that he ceased to interest you, etc. Imagine the situation that you are not worthy of him, that he will meet a suitable couple with whom he will be happier than with you. And yet, do not say the phrase "let's remain friends", this will humiliate him. It can become itself.
  4. D about the conversation, introduce him to a good friend of .If the guy is your good man, then there is always a girlfriend whom he likes. It will help to become a consolation after your break, and will make it clear that the world has not come close to you with a wedge.
  5. Decide yourself .Whoever advises you, he advises as he would himself, but everyone has his own life, and that which applies on one, on the other will not work.
  6. Parting with a guy Do not be afraid to stay alone .Of course, after you've managed to part with the guy, a period of deep reflection begins. You will feel lonely. Many girls do not dare to take a serious action for this reason, they think: "Why should I stay alone?".But you have support - a friend, mother, all your loved ones. And remember, this is not the end of life.
  7. Do not hold emotions in yourself .After the incident, you want to cry, so do it! I want to scream - just the way;all that is boiling should be splashed out before the beginning of a new life.
  8. Take yourself in the world of hobby .There is something that you could not do in those days when you met a guy. If you rarely went out into the world, then buy a ticket for the concert, all the fantasy in your head.
  9. Do not worry about the past .Dvojako it is possible to advise. If you parted with stupidity, and bitterly regret it, then do not wait, run to the guy, and apologize, while you can return the guy. And if you are simply depressed by loneliness not related to feelings for the guy, then do not be patient, everything will pass by itself. Remove from friends on social networks, do not write to him, do not ask anything, do not call, do not need to apologize again. You put a stop on that day, it was final. Otherwise parting will last forever.
  10. Disturbs the jealousy of - remember the terrible things about him. We are all owners, and at first it will be difficult to see our ex-girlfriends in the company. And this is natural! Well, he was not perfect, and now he did not. He was picking his nose, champing, wearing a T-shirt for several days in a row. .. The list can continue. Now let another girl forgive him for his flaws. And you are ready for a new relationship. It remains only to find them.