Fell in love with a guy younger than me

Fell in love with a guy younger than me


  • Men are younger, why do we fall in love with them?
  • What is the relationship with a man younger than a woman?
  • What's wrong with a man younger than himself?
  • A few tips for women who are in love with men younger than
  • Video: age is a hindrance?

Men are younger, why do we fall in love with them?

  1. We want to take care of someone, take care of someone, give love. That in itself is natural because of our nature. Women who do not have enough, can find an outlet in young people, since it is very difficult to instruct the true man who was already a member. In this situation, we act as a "mother", which needs a "son" to give him our attention and love.

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  2. I want a romantic relationship, "remember youth" - feel welcome. It is clear that a very large percentage of couples with a marriage or relationship experience have problems in the sexual issue. And desires neither to hide, they are deep in us, and tormented by thought
    s. Therefore, an affair with a young person breathes new life into our sensuality.
  3. The last chance to get married, and it's not bad, if everything in life has turned out so, that before that they did not meet the right person.

What is the relationship with a man younger than a woman?

  • Innovation in life. Being a man younger, he is on the same wavelength with his generation, in the world of modern technology and entertainment. In fact, it will make you and your thinking younger, learn a lot of new things that they could not recognize, when communicating with their peers. We grow younger in the eyes of acquaintances.
  • If you would like to be the main one in the relationship, you will get it, because of your experience. He lacks your life's wisdom and ability to responsibility, determination.
  • A young man can be changed for himself and his life. Teach him to live, although not exactly and correctly sounds. Only this takes time and patience, because "young hot" also has an opinion.

What's wrong with a man younger than himself?

  • Public opinion of others is more often. They are more often against unequal relations, gossip, psychological bullying. Often couples break up due to the fact that they could not bear all this.
  • Relationships rarely lead to marriage for various reasons.
  • It's hard to match a young man, always keep himself in shape, look younger than his years. You need all sorts of makeup secrets and classes to maintain the figure.
  • We need to sacrifice much: time, energy and even money.
  • Lack of partner experience. But this can be attributed to pluses, as you like. You will teach him.

Some advice to women who are in love with men younger than

  1. . Whichever man is young, let him feel the main thing. Let it be and not so, you always make decisions, but try to run into these ideas yourself. The man is the head, the woman is the neck! Do not focus on the age difference, who are more experienced and intelligent. Let him learn to be responsible for the relationship.

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  2. Give valuable advice, teach the experience, but do not lean heavily to not feel cared for.
  3. Watch yourself, for your appearance and body. Now more than ever you should look good. Choose clothes that are to your face, and not "bought inexpensively, do not disappear."Raduyte the man of your sexuality, now there are many kinds of bras and women's panties that can hide age defects and emphasize your beauty.
  4. Break your principles. Agree, many of them are not grounded, we often do and do not do something "only from the principle".Relations are more important than prejudices.
  5. As a hen protects its offspring, so you guard the guy from other women, especially young and beautiful.
  6. Do not completely disable your mind. Sometimes it is better to include the mind, and not to succumb to the irrational.