How to return the ex-boyfriend you love


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  • Tips on how to return a man you love
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What should I do?

Tips on how to return a man you love

  1. All pairs quarrel, and at such times you should try to to make concessions to .After all, after each quarrel in the soul, each one is born with resentment and sincere cold. If no one starts to contact, then this cold will grow in the desire to disperse. Therefore, at such a moment, approach your chosen one, stroke him with your hand, kiss and press. All negativity and tension will dissipate. Some psychologists call this method - get rid of selfishness. So you can attract the attention of a guy, find a spark of understanding between you. How can you return the guy
  2. What are they leaving from? From cooled love and bad memories, which towards the end of the relationship only increase. Therefore, ladies, we renew your young man's sparkle of the former love with the help of things , because of which you were together well. It
    can be his favorite food or a trip to the places where you were happy. To resume love, you need to leave in his memory only good and positive moments, because of what he would like to return. Just do it unobtrusively, otherwise just make him angry.
  3. Perhaps your friends or relatives will advise how to return the ex-boyfriend, and this will need to be done through a love spell, but do not listen to them! Remember that fate is a huge boomerang, which all our bad deeds return to us with greater force. Such relationships will not be happy, and for the rest of your life you will regret it.
  4. Proverb - wedge wedge knock out - everyone knows, but it can also be used. For a long time the guy has cooled feelings and interest to you, but this can be fixed. There is nothing worse for a guy when his ex is all beautiful and happy is in a male environment. This method can be called - "cause jealousy."Do not sit at home and do not cry in the pillow, gather strength to be strong, because you need to look stunning.
    During your meetings with your ex, did you become less beautiful and take care of yourself? Fix it! Use all the secrets of makeup, just not fighting coloring, dress with taste and go with friends to different places. Do so that you pay attention guys. Even go on a date, but no more, because we want to return your love. You need to remember that you can flirt, but do not go any further, so that the guy does not think of you as frivolous. Let your former life know about your happy life. His self-esteem and the male ego will be hurt, and he himself will approach you "talk".And we'll always be able to find out the signs of a guy's love for a girl, since it's written on their foreheads.

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  5. You can get jealous of your "fans".Ask a pair of familiar men to write a cryptic text or gentle compliments with a subtext on your wall of the social page. No matter how incompletely the relations were broken, for some time everyone comes to the pages of each other, just to see how things are with the other, what with life.
  6. Create a good relationship with his close and native , more often communicate with his friends. In their eyes, you will be a great girl or a woman, and they themselves will help bring you together.
  7. What did the guy lack in you? The presence of certain traits, or vice versa, the absence of others? Try to change your life. Take up a new business for you, open yourself on the other side. Start attending courses, meeting new people. You will notice changes in yourself. Let the guy know you from the other side, start "all over again", like newly-made couples.