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tips How does it all start?

Ways to solve the development of the relationship

  1. Fell in love with a friend The girlfriend and her boyfriend are happy together , but you are very much in love with him. If they love each other, then it will be difficult to entice him to their side, unless they take advantage of the suitable moment for seduction( male males by nature).But what will it give? You will forever break off relations with a friend, and Sasha is unlikely to stay with you, since you are just a mistake or simply "a person stumbled."Most likely you will destroy their happy relationship, then there will be 3 unfortunate people, or they will come together again, but you will forever be deleted from their life, since it is unlikely that a friend will forgive you. Advice : leave everything as is, avoid meeting with Sasha, do not force yourself to suffer. Time heals, take yourself with a new hobby and
    hobbies, so that thoughts are always busy with business.
  2. You and her boyfriend are not indifferent to each other .In such a situation, the girlfriend remains in ignorance, while you and Sasha are sad at the sight of each other, you are both ashamed of the feelings, and you both do not want to hurt Alena. But if you love each other, do not you kill all three? Sasha will not be happy with Alena, since he has feelings for you, and Alena will feel the coldness of the guy. She will come to you for advice, what happened in their relationship. You have to tell everything before you start to change behind your back, so a friend will not be so painful to learn about the change, if it as such is not. Otherwise, a friend will hate you both, you must agree, she did not deserve such treatment.
  3. The girlfriend fell in love with the guy and all your ears buzzed, but there's no relationship yet. But you are in love with him. We need to look at the situation, we girls feel when the guys are peering at us. Pay attention to whom he no longer just looks, but pays attention. If you are, then act, if it is, then it is not worth it. For happiness is worth fighting, it does not always fall into the hands twice - act. Talk with your girlfriend, explain that you are feeling for him, but also cherish friendship. Both decide how to proceed. Perhaps, you will agree that he will not get to anyone, but you have kept friendship;or try to create a situation in which he would take a step toward one of you. If you keep silent, you will always think in your heart that your girlfriend did not allow you to be happy, you will blame, and when you tell, at first the offense will be with a friend, but in the end you are both victims of love, and everyone in equal rights should reconcile.
  4. You fell in love with the image of a man that your friend told you about. She is in seventh heaven with happiness, therefore she will attribute great weight to all the merits of her boyfriend. Remember that this is only an illusion, a love of the ideal, and there are no ideals. The guys have bad habits, in order to dissuade everything. Look at it first, time is always there. Set yourself the task - to identify all its shortcomings, and write down on the sheet. So you will make it clear for yourself that the image you painted is only an idea of ​​delusion, and thus you do not have to quarrel with a girlfriend because of the young man. If on the contrary, the guy is really so good, then do not rush to the conclusion. Ask yourself if you are interested in him, but regard his reaction not as a friendly respectful attention to a person, but reveal the signs of a guy's love for a girl. Further, according to the standard scheme, if both have feelings, then do not ruin them, if not, then avoid unnecessary meetings with him, try to get distracted by something.
  5. The guy of your best friend has fallen in love with you. Perhaps, you cheered him up, praised more than laid, showed concern, which he did not regard correctly. And when they pay attention to us, then we involuntarily become interested. Most likely, initially you perceived it as a friend, and try to stick to it now. Do not allow meetings without the presence of a friend. Talk that you cherish friendship and do not become "powder" the one with which very much has passed. And do not be led by pity and his flattery;if there were no earlier emotions, then you should not start them.
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