Hardware pedicure at home

Hardware pedicure at home A well-groomed woman can fall in love with herself, if not everyone, then at least a large part of the male population. Nursing requires all of our body, including legs with feet, they should be smooth and neat. In the salons offer such a procedure for nursing, but it is not cheap, but given the regularity of the need for it, many do not follow themselves because of the expensive cost. Therefore, we ourselves can learn to do a hardware pedicure at home, the main thing is to understand its principle: leaving not only behind the nails, but also the skin of the legs.   
  • does not strongly press the machine against the surface to be treated;
  • hold the angle between the nozzle and the skin at 45 degrees, do not touch the top edge, otherwise there will be scratches;
  • move from center to edge;
  • it is necessary constantly to move on a surface, without detaining it on one site.

How to make a hardware pedicure at home?

  1. Foot baths with hardware pedicure We soften the skin, for this purpose it is better to use special
    creams or lotions, although it is possible and usual for the feet. Apply a large layer so that the coarse skin softens, wait for a while and you can proceed to the basic procedure. In many sources, it is recommended to carry out a dry softening, that is without the use of water, but you can do the usual foot baths, which are also ideal when doing a normal pedicure at home. Remember, the temperature should be hot so that the softening process takes place. For the tubs you can use soap, sea salt, soda, broth from calendula or chamomile are good, bath bombs that contain all the necessary emollients are perfect. These ingredients will help to get rid of the smell of feet.
  2. Hardware pedicure Treatment of the nails and the skin of the feet is carried out with the help of the pedicure attachment. We use grinding nozzles of different sizes for polishing the skin: we remove the burrs and other coarsened areas. The smaller the diameter of the instrument, the easier it is to process complex small areas of the skin of the legs, such as the cuticle and the keratinized areas around the nail. Separately, use nail tips for the use of nails with a white stone, but you need to handle carefully, otherwise you will injure your nail.
  3. We clean the skin from the remains of polished skin with the help of a special nozzle included in the pedicure apparatus.
  4. Soften the skin. Well, if you first make a mask of the legs, and then lubricate with a large layer of cream or moisturize with any cosmetic oil, put on top of the socks. In such hothouse conditions, the legs will become velvety, and the unpleasant seemingly rough areas will become much softer.

Video: how to make a hardware pedicure at home

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