Symptoms and treatment of spurs on the heels of bile, ointment, iodine


  • What is spur
  • How to treat spur
  • Video: a simple method for treating plantar fasciitis
  • Folk methods

What is spur

  1. Sharp pain in the leg when walking after prolonged sitting;
  2. Redness of the heel;
  3. Discomfort when wearing orthopedic shoes;
  4. Edema of the foot.

How to treat a spur

Heel spur There are a lot of modern techniques that can be used at home to get rid of the spur. They can be divided into the following groups:
  1. Medication;
  2. Folk recipes;
  3. Hardware options;
  4. Operative intervention.
Type of calcaneal spur Photo - Kind of heel spur   

Folk methods

  1. The nut must be ground using a mortar or blender. We recommend using green fruits, they are softer and more effective. After that, we put the mass on the damaged place for several hours, as well as the ointment. Apply every day;
  2. Often folk medicine uses the spurs on the heels of onion infusion .You will need to pour 200 grams of onion peel 500 ml of pure alcohol. After this, we
    pour the resulting broth into a dark bottle and set it for two weeks in a cool place away from the sun's rays. Do not forget to shake the container every two days. Liquid apply to a sore spot at night;
  3. Very effective treatment of spurs on the heels is obtained by using honey, iodine and simple salt( although the sea is better).A teaspoon of honey is mixed with salt and five drops of iodine, then applied to the skin, covered with plaster or polyethylene and leave for several hours( can be overnight).Repeat every day at least once;
  4. Spots with spurs and vinegar work well. You just need to make a compress and leave it on your foot for a couple of hours;
  5. You can also try using army methods at home. The simplest and cheapest medicine for heel build-ups is a laundry soap. The briquette must be grated, heated in a water bath and applied to the spur zone. You can cover with polyethylene and wear a mixture under your toes.
Treating the calcaneal spur Photo - Treating the calcaneal spur     
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