Professional remedies for cuticle removal salu, cnd, eagle, evelyn

Laufwunder - Alex It is used for softening and removing excess layer of epidermis from nail platinum.
Oil Aurelia Magnifique Aurelia suitable for gentle or unedged manicure.
"Nail Experts Nail Experts for AVON" The Avon product is often used for home care of the matrix. Contains calcium and vitamins.
Esteemia Cuticle Away Estemia is known for its antibacterial properties, it will save you from inflamed burrs.
Gala's beauty Excellent preparation for the care of brittle nails and thin skin, hypoallergenic.
Cream A.H.A.Cuticle Eraser( C-Therapy) This cream not only removes the "extra" cuticle, but also contributes to the treatment of burrs and wounds.
Gel Belweder This gel is necessary for softening of hard skin, removal of outgrowths.
Pencil Alex Beauty Concept The best tool for express manicure. Contains active ingredients that quickly remove the skin from the nails.
Polishing Set Eveline Cosmetics
A good preparation with keratolics, gives the nails shine and strength, removes the cuticle.
Oil Creative Solar Oil The product with oils from Creative is used in special salons, refers to professional caring cosmetics.
Cuticle Eliminator The ideal oil for removing overgrown peels.
Complex Orly Cuticle Care Complex Complex from Orly will give strength to the nail plate, shine, eliminate brittleness, softens the cuticle.
Preparation ClinestiQ Expeel Provides professional unedged care.
Smart enamel Frenchi Clever enamel is a drug that only affects problem areas. Promotes healing of burrs, removes excess skin.
Means against coarse cuticle Gehwol Fusskraft It will help to make the okolonogev epidermis softer and more pliable for further processing.
Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover Before using Sally Hansen Remover, you need to steam your hands, apply only to clean nails, without varnish. Strengthen the nail bed, regenerate damaged tissue, suitable for quick manicure.
EzFlow - Essential Oil Plus, Urbino Cosmetics The composition includes active ingredients: oils and vitamins, nourishes the skin, helps to get rid of inflamed burrs and pustules.
Express preparation Kiss No More Cuticles Another tool for express manicure, after it you can not use scissors.
Medication on the cuticle on the cuticle Mavala Cuticle Remover Remover Mavala is a drugstore, rarely used in salons, more for domestic treatment from inflamed burrs and overgrown coarse cuticle.
"Clever" DeLore enamel from Lady Rose Lady Rose provides an effective careless manicure, the effect lasts up to two weeks.
Ninelle Cuticle Remover Ninel perfectly softens the epidermis, eliminates excess cuticles.
Be Natural A good natural medicine, it is applied on fingers with closely located capillaries for unedged manicure.
Cuticle oil, Lemon Jina Oil is needed for edging manicure and softening of the skin, lemon extract brightens and heals wounds.
Cream with antioxidants Nourish This cream is not used as a primary remedy for overgrown epidermis, rather it complements the action of the active drug.
Oil Nubar Cucumber A good product, it is possible to apply even on a varnish, it is used both for manicure, and for protection of nails.
Dior Pelline Professional and rather expensive cosmetics, known for pearl extract in the composition.
Ether Lina The next line of this company with ethers of natural plants, softens and nourishes the cuticle.
Vitamins nutrition Maxi remover Here the main emphasis is on the vitamin cocktail in the composition, be careful - allergies to components are possible.
EL Corazon Perfect Nails Guaranteed provides bright shine and durability of nails, as well as complete cuticle removal without cutting.
Salon "Nail Professional Tool No. 11 Before buying the products from the Salon, be sure to read the instructions for use, each number is required for specific problems. 11 is used to treat the skin of the nail
Pompidu, Relui Nail Care System Relays and Pompidou will be useful after a cuticle manicure, heal wounds and disinfect the epidermis
UN-05 Cuticle remover A professional remedy, copes with many skin problems near the nail bed, including with a hard cuticle and a scoop
IBD Lavander, Irisk oil These products contain natural essential oils, use only after preliminary rasparki hands
Grinder Flow Doble Sand Shark Pro Buffer Suitable for cuticles on the hands and feet
DOMIX GREEN PROFESSIONAL Excellent tool fromcompletely natural ingredients.
Belita Viteks Peri "Cuticle remover" Belarussian cosmetics Belita is completely hypoallergenic, very gently but effectively restores the hydrobalance in the cuticle and heals it.
Zinger ® Cosmetics Singer is necessary for edging manicure, promotes healing of burrs.
Nail and Cuticle Oil Art-Visage Creative Nail Design Ether is used to soften the skin and eliminate nodules on the nails.
Cuticle Quencher KTR and ProLinc It is recommended to use with the whole line of this company, then the efficiency is much higher. Provides soft removal of the cuticle and burrs.
Cosmetics for Demini for skin regeneration, Platinum Remedy for irritated cuticle Required for cuts and injuries near the nail plate.
Givenchy Noir Couture 4 In 1 Mascara Professional remedy, it works in four directions: it removes excess skin, gives shine and strength to nails, protects against repeated build-up, heals hangnails.
Oxygen Emulsion Edelstar Contains active oxygen molecules that saturate the cells of the nail plate.
Polishing SHARLIN COSMETICS for the nails of the hands and feet It is used for manicure every second beauty salon, saturated with vitamins and minerals.
SEVERINA( Severin) Severin is made from completely natural ingredients, completely safe and hypoallergenic, an excellent preparation for sensitive skin.
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Professional cuticle care products

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Home remedies

  1. Lavender;
  2. Cocoa;
  3. Almond;
  4. Coconut.
Well-groomed hands Photos - Well-groomed hands
  1. Camomile and green tea( in equal parts);
  2. Extract of propolis - 3 drops, green tea - 2 tablespoons, honey;
  3. Poultices from sage( with inflamed burrs).
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