Fruktovo acid pedicure - master class


  • What is an acid pedicure
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  • Procedure in salons
  • How to make an acid pedicure yourself
  • Survey of prices for acid pedicure funds

What is an acid pedicure

  1. Acids are not suitable for those who are extremely sensitive to the skin of the legs;
  2. It should be noted also a high probability of allergic reactions;
  3. High cost of the procedure. In the capital's salon for such a spa approach, prepare to give from 40-50 dollars per session.
Skin on the leg
  1. You practically, without experiencing discomfort, can get rid of old calluses on heels, feet, cracks, rough skin;
  2. The effect lasts about 3 months, and if you follow certain rules for the care of your feet - then almost half a year;
  3. Like the mechanical pedicure, this technique is performed at home, this is slightly lower;
  4. Unedged pedicure is much safer than a hardware pedicure, less likely to pick up a tiny sore or fungus;
  5. The softness of feet, like a child, at any age.

Procedure in salons

How to make an acid pedicure yourself

Acidic pedicure at home
  1. We steam our feet in warm water, it is possible with salt;
  2. Wipe them dry and put on the surface of the heels of the chosen tool( Callus Peel, Podowine, etc.).With socks, it's easier: we cut the bag and gently "shoe", tightly tighten the elastic band. After this preparatory stage, you need to wrap your feet in a towel and wait for the time, as indicated in the instructions. For example, in socks it is 2 hours. It is best to lie back for a while;
  3. After we remove all our attachments and gently walk over the skin with pumice stone;
  4. Now my feet, wipe them. Within five days all the old skin gets off, and I begin to please my heels with my softness and beauty.

Price review for acid pedicure preparations

Preparations Price, у.е.
Genji 72
Podowine MAXim 50
Japanese pedicure Baby foot 58
Socks for pedicure SOSU 60

For comparison, we suggest you get acquainted with the approximate cost of the procedure in the salons of Russia and Ukraine:
City Price, у.е.for the session
Kiev 50
Barnaul 45
Dnepropetrovsk 40
Krasnodar 40
Novosibirsk 45
Odessa 50
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