Proper pedicure at home


  • Preparatory foot care
  • Steaming foot bath
  • Peeling and nourishing of the skin of the legs
  • Application of varnish
  1. preparatory procedure;
  2. foot baths;
  3. skin treatment of feet;
  4. nail treatment;
  5. work with the cuticle;
  6. varnish application.

Preparatory foot care

  • foot bath tonic foot bath is very easy to prepare. To make it, you need sea salt and peppermint essential oil. If there is no essential oil, you can use dry mint, the effect remains the same.

    Pedicure - foot baths Pedicure foot bath

  • Antibacterial bath will be useful to those who suffer from the presence of fungal infection or had a skin contact with the surface of the surface, which went to many outsiders. This is suitable for girls who visit swimming pools, water parks and so on. For the prevention of fungus and its treatment, it is necessary to add a little baking soda to the tub. Usually enough 4-5 tablespoons. Such a solution disinfects well and eliminates unne
    cessary bacteria. This procedure also helps to get rid of the smell of the feet.
  • Relaxing bath with the addition of tinctures of chamomile or calendula has a moisturizing effect and is useful for those who have too dry skin of feet and prefer narrow shoes or high-heeled shoes in their daily life. Such a bath not only moisturizes the skin of the legs, but also disinfects and protects if there are small wounds or cracks.
  • The foot bath is very easy to prepare. The main component is sea salt, due to which the skin of the feet will soften and disinfect. This bath is useful in the presence of cracks on the heels or with too coarsened skin of the legs.

Peeling and nourishment of the skin of the feet

Pumice stone for pedicure Pumice for pedicure   

Application of varnish

Pedicure - application of varnish Photo: pedicure-application of varnish   

Video from which you will learn how to make real salon pedicure procedures

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