Getting rid of age spots on the face with folk remedies

  1. Mask from parsley whitening universal. It is made to choose from stems, leaves or roots of parsley. The selected element is carefully ground in a wooden container to the consistency of homogeneous porridge. Apply to the face for half an hour. After wash off with water, nourish the skin with cream.
  2. Whitening agent with honey and parsley .The base is the same as in the above version, but a teaspoon of honey is added to the mixture. Gently mix the ingredients, and apply to the face, hands or back. The same tool can also quickly and easily get rid of the black points on the face.

    Parsley in a pot Photos - Parsley

  3. Whitening dry skin .Very scrupulous process. Thin, sensitive dry facial skin will not tolerate chemical attack, therefore, you need to be treated with home remedies. Shredded parsley is mixed with the dining room with a spoon of sour cream or fat cream. The mixture is held on the face for no more than 30 minutes. We wash off. In this way, women with tender skin can remove wrinkles on their f
  4. The Secret of the East .Japanese geishas have always been famous for the exquisite pallor of the face. In this they were helped by a very widespread fruit everywhere - lemon. The decoction of the peel bleach even the darkest spots on the back, stretch marks during pregnancy and especially unaesthetic nevi. Peel one lemon cook on moderate fire for half an hour, let it boil, stay in a cool room. Three times a day, wipe the problem area with a sponge in lemon water. Parsley and lemon .Dry the root of parsley, boil, insist in a dark place one day. This infusion can wipe the face immediately, or mix it with the juice of one lemon. Method of application, as well as lemon decoction.

    Lemon in water Photo - Lemon

  5. Starch version of .Depending on the concentration and the amount of pigment spots, we take half a tablespoon of potato starch, dilute it with lemon juice to a thick consistency. Apply to the face for 30 minutes.
  6. Efficiently clarify the kisses of the sun will also help juice of grapefruit, kiwi, orange, strawberry .
  7. Pharmacy discovery .Hydrogen peroxide clarify not only the hair. For cosmetic products we need a teaspoon of 30% hydrogen peroxide, 2 tablespoons of boric alcohol, 1 spoon of ammonia. The mixture can be applied to the face three to four times a day daily. The effect will not keep you waiting. But be extremely careful when applying.
  8. Glycerin .Mix the portion of glycerin with hydrogen peroxide, as in the example above, add boric alcohol, wipe the skin several times a day. This solution also easily removes spots in the bikini area.
  9. Another similar recipe. Dining room spoon of vinegar, two teaspoons of peroxide, a spoon of vodka .Stir and stretch the face. We get rid not only of pigmentation, but also of fatty shine.

    Pigmented spots in the decollete area Photos - Pigmented spots in the decollete area

  10. Water is an assistant in everything. In a glass of water( 50 grams) you need to dilute three tablespoons of lemon juice. Apply to a clean face, do not rinse. This tincture should be used every day for three times a week, at the end of this time, the face noticeably brightens.
  11. Lazy mask .For girls who save their time, there is a quick and effective recipe. One cucumber is crushed( rubbed on a grater, chalked in a blender), and mixed until homogeneous porridge with a nutritious cream. Mask we put on faces, we hold 30 minutes, we wash warm water. Delicate peeling and whitening effect will also help to get rid of acne on the back, a very unpleasant and common phenomenon. Yeast against stains .A great home recipe: fresh yeast( a quarter of the package), a lemon spoon and a spoonful of milk are mixed until homogeneous. We put in a warm place for 10 minutes, so that the staff began to wander. We treat the face, leave the mask for twenty minutes, then wash it off with warm water. In a week, you can carry out such procedures two or three times.
  12. Eggs and lemon .The whitening agent can be made on the basis of a nutritious egg mask for the face. In it we add a teaspoon of honey, as much lemon juice and half a glass of water. Stir until uniform, apply to face for 30 minutes. This same method helps to open and clean the pores.

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  13. We use blue clay - assistant in everything. Dry mass is mixed with water in a ratio of 1: 2, before applying, do not forget to apply a nourishing cream to the sensitive skin. We pour a face on clay porridge and leave for 40 minutes. Wash off with warm water without soap. Regular application of this method will help noticeably whiten not only freckles, moles and other problems on the face, but also remove stretch marks, visible traces of pregnancy, tighten sagging skin.
  14. Egg and blue clay for face. This mask is prepared right before use, it can not be insisted. One protein is reshaped to a state of fatty cream, with sugar. Add 10-15 grams of Cambrian clay, bring to homogeneity. The resulting mixture is applied a dense layer on the face for 30-40 minutes. Suitable for daily use.
  15. Kaolin mixture .White clay is no less useful than blue. The recipe for the paste: half a spoonful of kaolin and a tablespoon of lemon juice, bring to uniformity and apply to the skin. We wash off after 25-30 minutes. Kaolin can also be bred in other bleaching liquids: yogurt, cabbage juice, hydrogen peroxide, currant juice and other - these are ways to effectively get rid of pigment spots on the body: on the skin, on the face, back, hands.
  16. Salon almond peeling .A remarkable invention of the cosmetic industry, it helps to fight not only with deep wrinkles, but also removes the bags under the eyes and whitens the skin on the most problematic areas, relieves the pigment spots quickly. Very affordable and effective tool.
  17. Peeling with almonds at home .Shredded nuts mixed with oat flour( 1: 1) and half a spoonful of milk powder. Add a little water, until a thick cream is obtained. With gentle massage movements with the help of sponge we put on the face, massage the skin for five minutes, carefully rinse. Apply not more than twice in 7 days.

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  18. Almonds and apples .The recipe mentioned above can be modernized a little, and then almond peeling at home will not only successfully bleach the skin, but will also saturate it with useful substances. The basis is left, add one fresh grated apple. The application and recommendations are the same.
    Contraindications to almond peeling:
    Mechanical damage to the skin.
    Allergy to nuts.
    Individual almond oil intolerance.
  19. The berry of the viburnum attracted us to ourselves. Very useful berries not only cope with heart diseases and ARD.Frozen juice whitens the skin very well. Wipe your face with fruit ice a few times a day, at least a week.
  20. Calendula .We rub the leaves and flowers of the plant in a wooden container to the state of porridge. The mixture is applied to the face in its pure form, the same method will help to heal wounds more quickly or to disinfect them in extreme conditions.
  21. cucumber tincture .Skin the vegetable three on a grater, add a glass of vodka, mix thoroughly, close and put in a cool dark place. We stand for a week, and get a homemade cucumber whitening face lotion.


  • Reasons for the appearance
  • Video: Useful recipes to help remove pigment spots
  • Folk remedies against pigmentation: masks, lotions, decoctions, peelings
  • Prevention

Video: Useful recipes helping to remove pigment spots

Reasons for the appearance of

How to get rid of age spots
Reasons for the appearance of pigment spots:
  • Hormonal disorders.
  • Age changes in the skin.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Mechanical damage( after depilation).

Folk remedies against pigmentation: masks, lotions, decoctions, peels


  1. Use of sunblock.
  2. Nourishing masks.
  3. Control of hormonal background.
  4. Regular consultations with specialists.
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