Biogel nail coating: technology and video training


  • How does the gel nail polish work
  • Video: biogel nail coating
  • Apply biogel alone: ​​technology from the
  • masters
  • salon procedures How to remove the biogel at home?
  • Positive and negative aspects of biogel

How does a manicure gel

Biogel nail coating All of us at least once heard about gel nail extensions, supposedly, this is the safest procedure for improving the nail plate. That the gel nails normally breathe, and there is no overheating. And the scientists thought: "And what if you make a nail polish on the basis of a gel?", And so one of the most popular nail care products - Shillak lacquer appeared.   

We apply self-biogel: technology from masters

  1. Naogtineset biogel on the nails With psoriasis of nails;
  2. If you use varnish against fungi, and in general, with fungal diseases plate;
  3. Immediately after the build-up.

Salon procedures

City Price
Moscow 1200 rub.
Petersburg 1100 р.
Voronezh 1000 rub.
Orenburg 1200 rub.
Vladivostok 1000 rub.
Bryansk 1000 р.
Kirov 1100 р.
Togliatti 1000 rub.
Ulyanovsk 1100 р.
Omsk 1200 p.
Penza 1300 р.
Manicure Shillack in Samara 1100 р.
Kiev 1500 р.
Kharkov 1200 rub.
Dnepropetrovsk 1300 р.
Minsk 1300 р.
Almaty 1000 rub.

How to remove biogel at home?

Positive and negative aspects of biogel

  1. Biogel coating of nails More free time appears;
  2. Looks beautiful on the nails;
  3. This coverage is relatively inexpensive relative to conventional build-up;
  4. No special training is required for its application;
  5. Biogel can paint nails and legs;
  6. Strengthening and covering the nails with biogel at home gives the same effect as the manicure salon, but twice cheaper;
  7. With this coating, nails can not be shaped;
  8. The nail plate still suffers and sometimes very much, after it will be necessary to strengthen the nails;
  9. The color coating can take the color of its nails.
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