Nail polish from fungus

  • The principle of the antifungal lacquer
  • Video: fungus on the nails
  • Table-overview of the varnish from the fungi
  • How to apply lacquer
  • Myths about lacquers

How the antifungal lacquer works

Mushrooms on legs Depending on the cause of the fungal disease, varnishes can be different: with an oil structure, with the addition of alcohol or other active drying components. The work of the varnish lies in the fact that after the plates are covered with this remedy, the healing components penetrate deep into the structure of the nail. Fungal spores are very delicate organisms, they reproduce fairly quickly, but in most cases it is very easy to destroy them.Schedule of recommendations for nail care Diagram of recommendations for nail care from fungus

Table-overview of varnishes from fungi

Name Nail polish from fungus, price Scope, indications Note
Aventis 1600 p. Fungal diseases of the skin, nails, cuticles. All forms, except for purulent, are used even when the disease is started. Good imported varnish from the fungus of nails on the hands. He treats both neglected forms of the disease, and opposes the spread of spores at first. Aventis prophylaxis is recommended for use even in childhood and during pregnancy.
Nail Defender 50 p. The initial forms of fungal diseases, exfoliation of nails, discoloration, the remedy facilitates the condition of the nail with psoriasis. Excellent therapeutic varnish against the fungus. Not only does it cope with disputes, it also strengthens the structure of the nail, allows you to accelerate the growth of nails. This varnish also differs in that it can be applied to the nails, like a French jacket. In the kit there is a colorless varnish, white and beige.
Nail polish from the fungus Lorecil 1400 р. Good varnish against fungi. Helps even where there is practically no nail. Removes irritation, inflammation, eliminates purulent processes, has a very pleasant smell. This is not only an excellent healing varnish, but also a preventative fungus medicine. This means iodine disinfects the surface, kills spores and strengthens the overall structure of nail platinum.
Mycosane 622 р. Against extensive fungal attack. Used for both hands and feet. Against nail fever.
Demikten 300 р. Against fungal diseases on the nails of hands and feet, Antifungal varnishes for topical treatment of domestic nail fungus are very well proven in the treatment of chronic forms of mycosis. In addition to varnish, we also recommend using a cream and a special solution.
Varnish from a fungus for fingernails or nails on legs or foots Batrafen 1200 r. Excellent remedy against fungi on legs. Eliminates spores, relieves itching, cools the skin, gives the nails a pleasant smell. In our pharmaceutical market it is not so often possible to find varnishes from a fungus for nails on legs. Batrafen is one of the drugs that has a wide range of action: nails on the hands, feet, skin around the nails, hand cream against onychomycosis.
Belvedere 80 р. Acts as a disinfectant. Excellent for purulent fungi, open wounds, severe itching, unpleasant odor from the affected area. Varnish against nail fungus Belvedere well helps with advanced forms of the disease. If your nails are already loose, covered with spots and lag behind the skin, then folk methods can not be helped here, you need to start professional complex treatment. Belvedere - a company that represents not only nail polish against the fungus, but also ointment, and a cream of a similar action.

How to apply varnish

  1. Alcohol diluted with water 1: 1;
  2. Iodine solution( for a teaspoon a few drops of iodine);
  3. An aqueous solution of blue( sold in a pharmacy).
Deterioration of the nail due to fungus The result of untimely treatment of the nail from fungus

Myths about varnishes

  1. Does the nail polish protect against nail fungus? Yes, it is scientifically proven. But you need to use only special tools, cheap ones can damage the nail plate.
  2. Lacquers should not be used during pregnancy. This is not just a myth, but a "grandmother's horror story".You can, in pregnancy, you can not look bad, with otrosshimi hair of a different color and visited by tips. If the girl in an interesting position appeared fungus, then it can be treated only with external drugs: lacquer, ointment, cream. Indicate the peculiarity of your condition when buying medicine in a pharmacy.
  3. Gel nails hide the fungus. No, and in any case during the disease do not do build-up. This will only aggravate the condition of the nails.
  4. If you make up your nails, the fungus will not be visible, and the colored varnish will cure the fungus. Lies of clean water. Fungus in this case will not just be noticeable, but as if it starts to be thrown all in the eye, you will only emphasize the soreness of your nails. And from the procedure of sealing the nails is also better to abstain.
  5. In the appearance of the fungus on my feet, my shoes are to blame. It's true, only in part. Most likely, the owner of the fungus just stepped on any surface on which you became after him. Disputes with the leg moved to the shoes, where they were warm, humid and very comfortable, and local spread began there. But to say that the original fault of the shoes is most often impossible. Fortunately, nail polish from the fungus fights almost any microorganisms that reproduce by spores, not only on the nails. But also on the cuticle or nearby skin.
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