How to soften the nails on the legs

foot baths Well-groomed and beautiful nails are an indicator of a woman's health, and an integral part of her image. However, we often encounter problems: the nail plate becomes brittle, grows into the skin, thickens, changes color. The reasons for this are different, the main ones include the lack of certain vitamins and minerals in the body, as well as the woman's desire for beauty: covering the nails with shellac and gel. To ensure that your feet always look great, you need to know exactly how to soften the toenails.   
  • Nail softening methods at home
  • Nail softening in the elderly and with

fungus. Nail softening at home

  • sea salt,
  • herbal teas( mint, nettle, chamomile),
  • essential oils.
Yellowed up fingernail Photos - Yellowed hard nail   
  • carefully trim the sides of the aloe leaf,
  • crush the sheet,
  • add about a tablespoon of boiled water at room temperature,
  • stir,
  • moisten the cotton pad in the resulting solution,
  • apply it to the problem nail, and cover with polyethylen

Nails softening in the elderly and with

Nail softening on the leg fungus Photo - softening of the nail on the leg     
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