Step-by-step French pedicure at home

French pedicure Beautiful legs - an honor, and nezahozhennye and there are some nevyashek. A beautiful pedicure attracts attention to the legs, helps to feel more confident and well-groomed. How to make a French pedicure at home and what are its types?   
  • Technique for performing
  • French pedicure on legs step by step
  • Video: 2 ways of French pedicure at home

Technique of

  • classic: pink base, white lacquer on the edge of the nail and base coat of cream or transparent color;
Classic French pedicure Photo - Classic French pedicure
  • Art Nouveau: the edge is white, but the joint of the base and the edge is decorated with varnish with rhinestones or individual beads, the color of the base can be any;
painted toenails Фото - French pedicure in the modern style
  • European manicure is a combination of a traditional French jacket with a pattern on the nails.

French pedicure on the legs step by step

feet in foam Photo - Step 1. Cleansing the nails Application of nail polish on nails Photo - Step 2. Applying the nail polish to the nails Application of nail polish Photo - Step 3. Applying the
fixer to the nail.   
  • action on the nails is the same as the build-up of gel;
  • its very difficult to remove, it takes 20 minutes to keep the acetone in the nail on the nails, then pick the varnish with an orange stick. Therefore, the help of a specialist is practically indispensable;
  • high price and buy so far you can only in online stores or in the salons of nail aesthetics.
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