Vitamins for strengthening and growth of nails

Edelstar BIO-01 Actinail This complex was developed with the cooperation of leading European nutricitologists and cosmetologists, but only this combination did not protect it from allergic reactions of clients. Be careful with the drug, the drug includes strong allergic compounds.
Arkopharma Forcapil Vitamins for Hair Loss France. Arkopharma suggests that girls try their beauty( beauty) -vitamins. They are designed specifically for dull hair and brittle nails, but these are not even useful substances, but rather BADs.
Supplements Doppelherz aktiv( Doppelgerz Active) Excellent supplements that help not only the nails, but also the problem skin of the face, hair. Especially recommended in winter.
LADY-S FORMULA( PharmaMed Naturals Lady's formula for nails, hair and skin) Pharmammad Ladis has a unique formula that contains A 1666.7 IU, C 20 mg, B1 1.7 mg, B2 1.7 mg, other compounds, which makesthis medicine is an excellent tool for beautiful strong nails and h
Futura® Beauty Royal N60 - for skin, hair and healthy nails Another beauty vitamin that you can buy in any pharmacy. Virtually have no contraindications, besides they are considered hypoallergenic.
Phytophane / Phytophanere capsules Another additive that prevents brittleness and foliation of the nails, also helps to heal from the fungus.
Viaderm ® Complete tablets capsules These are more concentrated vitamins and trace elements, which contain biotin and A for nails.
Capsules for nails Vivasan CVS( Vivasan) Swiss vitamins for beauty and strength of bone tissue and hair, perfectly strengthen the plate, used for nail growth.
Special Merz spezial dragees The best vitamins for strengthening nails, contain cystine - one of the main compounds for growth and prevention of foliar licking.
Academie Derm Acte Multivitamin Mask The external preparations act only on the upper layer of the nails, so they can not provide treatment for internal problems. But they will become a good prevention of fungal diseases.
JESSICA® Cosmetics It is used for hair loss, for the restoration of female nails after the build-up or Shellac.
Vitamins Unipharm Vitrum( Vitrum Beauty) Not the cheapest supplements. Very convenient for home preventive procedures in the off-season, suitable even for children.
Beauty( Beauty) vitamins BADs Vision Quality natural vitamins, but can cause allergies. Excellent cope with autumn avitaminosis.
Complystitis One of the few drugs that help digest D3.
Amway American supplements are good, but they have very limited use. For complex treatment it is necessary to drink several different capsules.
Vitasharm Improve the condition of the nails, and also contribute to the excellent condition of the mucous membranes, help to fight colds.
Laval for hair and nails Capsules for active growth, healthy bones, hair and nails.
Medobyotin If you need complex care and nail treatment - then this is exactly the drug you need to buy. These inexpensive domestic vitamins in tablets help from delamination of the plate, normalization of the body.
Ampoules Limoni Rubbed into the plate to strengthen and improve it. Such drugs serve as an excellent prophylaxis of vitamin deficiency.
Vitamins Nature`s sunshine products HSN-W Another American complex. You can choose a suitable individual for you, complex, each contains the necessary minerals and vitamins for the body.
Alphabet Cosmetics Very cheap, but effective, perfectly proven themselves as everyday medicines for the prevention of various diseases of the body.
Aevit Active It will help you to restore even the most damaged nails, checked more than once.
Pantoorrar Another domestic vitamin, good and affordable.
Vitabiotics Perfectil Just a wonderful additive for improving hair and nails. Contains ascorbic acid, all B vitamins and tocopherol acetate. Useful for breastfeeding.
Revalid Have a tremendous effect in women of all ages. Hypoallergenic, they can be drunk every day without breaks at all.
Sofia Excellent Russian daily fortifying vitamins. Because of the very soft composition suitable for pregnant and lactating,
Evalar Mountain Calcium D3 If you have brittle and brittle nails - then this is just a panacea. Treat even very damaged plates.
Cheviton Preparations from Sheviton have a practically unique composition: L-cystine, DL-methionine, zinc oxide, B5, B6.Excellent work, they have very good reviews.
Inneov The density of hair and the strength of bone tissue - this is the second name of these supplements.
Vitamins in solution and capsules Maxi-Hair( Country Life). This is the most natural product of all listed. It is the optimal solution for the treatment of fungi, iron deficiency, vitamin E.
Solgar Very popular preparations with high sulfur content. They have a strong formula, so be careful.
Capsules for hair and nails MIGLIORIN Pretty soft vitamins are prescribed during pregnancy. Help with active hair loss, foliation of nails.
Oriflame Hair &Nail NutriComplex Oriflame, like Amway, is highly specialized. To achieve the effect, you need to drink a few vitamins every day.
Evony Finnish medicines for nails and hair, suitable for all girls, are often prescribed for vitamin deficiency.
21st Century Health Care Biotin Contain folk beauty recipes, are a source of biotin, effectively cope with alopecia, delamination of marigolds.
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  • Contents:
    • What vitamins are needed for nails
    • Video: about vitamins and minerals
    • Rating of popular vitamins for nails

What vitamins are needed for nails

  1. Healthy nails If you become aware of the fragility and foliation of nails, this may be a sign of a lack of vitamins C, D, biotin;
  2. Very thin, weak marigolds talk about a lack of B, silicon, zinc, iron, copper, iodine or selenium;
  3. Too fragile nail plates also indicate the need of the body protein;
  4. Very closely monitor the presence and size of the white moon at the nail bed. Its large size is a pretty serious symptom. In most cases, it means a shortage of minerals such as iron, zinc, folic acid;
  5. Many girls notice on the nails vertical or horizontal white stripes. This is a sign of a lack of iron in the foods you eat;
  6. If the nails are severely fractured or there is no escape from the chronic fungus, then reconsider your first aid kit. Quite often fungal diseases of the hands are directly associated with the use of strong antibiotics. This process will help stop vitamins B and acidophilus.

Rating of popular vitamins for nails

All the above products can be consumed without a doctor's prescription, but it is better to consult before drinking some dietary supplements.
  1. Instruction must be observed! Some funds are drunk before meals, others after. It is very important to monitor this, otherwise there will be no effect from admission;
  2. At home, you need to monitor the condition of the skin and nails while taking medication. If there is a rash, itching, fever, stop using vitamins immediately;
  3. The most effective are vitamins in injections, but they have a high price and increased utility;
  4. Drink complexes only from well-known manufacturers. Women's forums say that it is less likely to get into a fake;
  5. Always read reviews of the selected company;
  6. Many modern drugs are hypoallergenic, but if you have diabetes or no perception of some mineral, it is better to consult your dietitian or therapist beforehand.
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