Lunar and French turquoise manicure on short nails


  • Lunar style
  • French turquoise color
  • Video: how to make a manicure with a turquoise tint
  • Wedding and fashion trends

Lunar style

  1. Turquoise manicure Photo - Turquoise manicure

    Prepare your nails, remove old varnish from them, lubricate with cleaners and degreasing agents. It is also desirable to remove the cuticle, this can be done with the help of special tools, for example, without trimming Vitex Peri;

  2. Cover the marigold with a base varnish of turquoise color. If you have some irregularities on the plates, then it is desirable to apply the first layer of a transparent coating. After the intensity, paint your fingers again with varnish and wait until it cools;
  3. Now, with the help of special semicircles, close the place of the moon. For this, you can use the usual strips for the French manicure;
  4. In a closed place, a semicircle was formed, and it should be painted over with a selected contrast tone. If you want to create a sensual and feminine manicure, we recommend
    doing it with white color. But when you need a more festive option, then pay attention to the gray metallic;
  5. After to strengthen the manicure, cover the marigold with a varnish with sparkles, leave it to dry.

French turquoise color

  1. Before making a French manicure with turquoise varnish, you need to align all the nails. The fact is that white tips of uneven size are very evident;
  2. We process marigolds with compositions for removing varnish, degreasing, strengthening. After the first base coat of varnish is applied. Depending on what style of jacket you want to get, you can cover the plate with beige or turquoise. Make two layers, each give a good dry out;
  3. We paste on the tips of the nails white strips, which will limit it;on the open area of ​​the plate near the end, we apply white or turquoise varnish, depending on your preferences;
  4. When all the layers are dry, you need to cover the marigold with a transparent fixer. You can also sprinkle them with sequins or decorate with rhinestones. Excellent looking liquid stones and monograms of gold color.

Turquoise manicure as in the photo is very simple to do at home, without resorting to the services of professionals. The main thing is to come up with a beautiful combination. You can combine several styles in one nail art, it looks very interesting.

Wedding and fashion trends

  1. Prepare the marigolds, clean them from the old coating, degrease, remove the cuticle, if necessary, trim or podpilite;
  2. Now cover the nails with the first base tone of beige or pink, dry them under the ultraviolet lamp for 2 minutes;
  3. At the tips of the nails, you need to make strips, as in a jacket. To do this, glue strips on them and cover the empty spots with white lacquer. Again, dry everything under the lamp;
  4. Now you need to arm with a thin brush and turquoise varnish. Draw on the nails of monograms or flowers. Maximize the tips of the patterns, and from the center, remove the branches;
  5. In the center of each monogram, set bright pastes of rhinestones( pink, beige, transparent).You can also decorate them with sand, polymer decorations or stickers;
  6. Coat the fingers with a fixer, dry under the lamp for five minutes.
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