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What is a manicure sand

Velvet sand on the nails
  1. Beauty. Outwardly, it resembles on the nails a very small, slightly abrasive sand, with the correct color combination it looks very extravagant;
  2. Durability. This pattern is almost no different from the no less popular liquid stone. You can safely wash dishes, floors, play with children without fear of damaging the manicure;
  3. Availability. Now practically in every offline cosmetic shop and the Internet there is such sand.

How to make a manicure

  1. Clean nails from old varnish, if necessary, give them the desired shape;
  2. After this, apply the first coat
    of lacquer. The base can be any color, but it is desirable to use a transparent one. Another good look is the contrasting color in relation to the sand;
  3. Then again apply a coat of varnish, and until it is dried, sprinkle it abundantly with sand. Now we must wait. The main disadvantage of this manicure at home is that it is difficult to understand whether the nail is dry or not. We advise you to wait at least 10 minutes in a warm room and about 15 in a cool room;
  4. After this, use a hard manicure brush to mark individual grains from the finger, shape the pattern;
  5. Above, if necessary, sand can be covered with Shellak, so it will last longer, but it will become less structural.
How to make velvet sand on your hands Photos - How to make velvet sand on your hands   
  1. To create a classic image with a little twist, make a traditional French coat on the nails and decorate the tips of the plates with white sand. With such a design, silvery rhinestones will not be superfluous either;
  2. When working with sand, do not save it. Rinse a large amount of the product on your fingers;
  3. At application it is necessary to press slightly powder, so it is better fixed;
  4. Experiment. Draw uneven lines, combine two or more shades.
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