Nails design - liquid stones


  • What is liquid stones
  • Video: how to make a design for nails with liquid stones
  • Technique how to do it correctly

What is liquid stones

  1. Beauty. With a thoughtful design, you can enjoy a charming shine on the nails of all the colors of the rainbow;
  2. Relative ease of execution. If you practice a little, you can recreate the chic nail art at home. If the casting is not obtained, then in the extreme case, you can buy ready-made polymer pebbles;
  3. Durability. The technique is carried out only with the use of gel varnish, so this manicure lasts from a week to a month, depending on your habits or lifestyle.

Technique how to properly do

Liquid stones on nails Photos - Liquid stones on nails   
  1. Manicure foil. Sold in any cosmetic store;
  2. Ultra-violet lamp. In principle, you can do without it, it just greatly speeds up the process, in addition, with the help of rays, the gel becomes more bright and beautiful;
  3. Varnishes of the right shade;
  4. Thin brush, hair;
  5. Other patterns, ribbons, beads or sequins, if necessary.

Instruction "liquid" manicure step by step:
  1. Need to prepare the nails, clean them from the old varnish, cut and shape the desired;
  2. After this, you need to make a French manicure, but the most chic looks with liquid stones. To do this, apply a base layer of beige lacquer to the nail, then, at the desired length of the edge, glue a white strip, and paint over with white lacquer;
  3. If you use foil, then glue it on the contour with a glossy side, dry it and cut it off sharply. Then you get a gold or silver manicure. If you plan to do so and leave - skip 4 and 5 points;
  4. Next on the nail with the desired color draw the drawings. These can be simple abstract lines. The best contrast is obtained when using black. We need to draw pretty dense lines of patterns, so that when they dry out they become convex, they acquire volume. Dry the nails under the lamp;
  5. Now in the dark outline draw the lines with the colors of the future liquid stone. We advise you to use close shades to the selected palette. Say, turquoise, blue and light blue;
  6. When you paint over the entire surface of our stone, you need to cover it with a transparent sculpted gel, to give a three-dimensional shape. Many masters use mother-of-pearl colors, for a more powerful shine. It remains only to dry the nails under the lamp.
  1. Draw not straight, but curved lines, they look more beautiful;
  2. Try to work as follows: one line - one stroke contour, and one - control;
  3. Experiment with the colors of liquid nail stones, but at the same time, do not paint "stones" in contrasting hues - it can not come out aesthetically;
  4. Black is an optional condition for creating a path. Gold or silver help create the effect of inlaying a pebble in the nail plate, and bright and fresh colors make the image a bit extravagant.
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